Well, we have a special one for you today. Not only do we know this bride, but I have known this girl, well since she was born. This wedding preview is of my little sister, Angela and her significant other, Brandon’s wedding.

Now, let’s get something straight here… They did ask me to be a groomsmen, my two brothers were, but I guess I am more useful and important when I have a camera in my hand. Don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing… Still trying to figure that one out. 😉 Anyways, this wedding was definitely different then any other weddings we shot and I will tell you about that later. But let me answer some questions that you all probably have right off the bat.

 1.) How was it shooting pictures of your own sister getting married?

   She is my little sister, the one I used to fight with over trivial stuff, the one I teased, the one that teased me (I must say I did most of the teasing), my one and only sister so it wasn’t that stressful and it was more fulfilling than anything. It really did open my eyes to time and how valuable time is, and how important it is to spend time with things that really matter. Literally, it seemed like a blink of an eye from the day we were taking Christmas photos in Chicago when I was 8 or 9 and she was 6 or 7 to now… myself married for almost 8 years and her starting her life with a man she loves. That Kenny Chesney song “don’t blink” is really a very truthful song.

2.) Did she ask you to be her wedding photographer?

She did, and originally I said no. Why? Well, because I wanted to sit back and enjoy my sister getting married as much as I could. Also, hang out with my family. The last time we were all together was in 2003 right after I got out of USMC bootcamp. My brothers joined the service (1 Marine, 1 Sailor) right after that so we all have been separated into different parts of the world since.

Don’t get me wrong she would have had the best photographer she could and I would have paid for it but I thought about it for a couple of days and then came to her and asked her if I could shoot her wedding. I wanted to enjoy it yes, but my sister asked me to do it and wanted me to do it. I had to overcome my selfishness, and you know what I enjoyed it very much and actually got to do many things that I wouldn’t do normally because they were all family.

Wedding photographers have very stressful jobs if you didn’t know) butterflies before every wedding (and this one too) were there. It was actually extremely fun and very enjoyable hanging out with my family and shooting their pictures the whole day.

The wedding itself was well “country”. Now, I like country music, and I knew my sister was somewhat country girlish but when the bride is wearing cowboy boots, and the men were also wearing boots, along with vests, and wranglers, along with sunflowers, and camo baseball caps (with a fish hook on it) you know it doesn’t get anymore country than that. Honestly, never had a bride wear cowboy boots like my sister had. Not only that, I have never seen so much line dancing in my life. (Ok, maybe I have, when we would go line dancing with my Mom). Butterfly Kisses Pavilion, in Newport, North Carolina hooked it up pretty well. They provided the perfect place for some “boot scootin’” and “do-si-do’ing.” They did a prefect job setting up the lights around the pillars and beams. Now if they made the weather about 30 degrees warmer… It was coooollldddd! Anyways, it was an awesome time with my family, my awesome family. It’s crazy how time flies bye and how much we take for granted the time we have with our families. We won’t see each other for a while again, trying to get something together for the end of 2015 but we will see with everyone spread across the country. Next wedding to shoot from my family will be one of my brothers, which one will it be? Yes, I’ll shoot theirs too, if they ask me to.

Have to end this with Huge Thanks goes out to the bride’s mother (my mother too:)) for basically paying for everything while we were in North Carolina.


Authored by: Vince Benjamin Instagram: @vincebenjamin

Photographed by: Vince Benjamin

Category:  WEDDINGS

Destination: Newport, North Carolina

Florists: Sandy’s Flowers

Ceremony Location: Butterfly Kisses Pavilion

Reception Location: Butterfly Kisses Pavilion

DJ: DJ professional and videographer Inc