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Podcasts, pizza, Fantasy Football, Christian, nursing, Marine Corps (both of us were in the Corps), shoes, coffee, Jesus Culture, cookie dough icecream, working out, beach, mountain biking, Apple products


We are a husband & wife duo wedding photographer and videographer with locations in Sarasota, Florida and Tampa, Florida. We met each other in the Marine Corps, in 2006, and got hitched about a year later (almost 10 years already! Wow!). We love the elegance and beauty that lies within every wedding, together our creative minds work to capture and preserve every detail, moment and emotion.

We define ourselves as photographers fueled with a passion to turn life into art! Our love for photography branches into our personal lives, ok, so maybe it is our life 🙂, but we love capturing the moments that are most special to us! We are gym buffs who love food, workaholics and a male/female clone of the Energizer Bunny.

Not only is each and every couple special to us, but it is important to invest ourselves with each client and to form a personal relationship with them. We want to become your friend and for you to feel confident that we will take good care of you!



A little more about our background and company history.

When did we start shooting photography and videography?

Vince: We pretty much go back to freshman year of high school where I started T.V. production class. I really enjoyed it so, after high school I joined the Marine Corps as a combat videographer. In 2003, I went to Iraq. During that time, we would cross train into different fields, and one of those fields was photography. What really helped make me unique as a photographer, was the video experience I received in Iraq. So coming back from Iraq, I had all this money saved. I decided to buy a camera which was a D70s, 5 megapixels. My first wedding that I photographed was in 2005 for a friend, I was completely scared!

When did Vince and I meet?

Tarah: We met about a year after that (2006) and I started assisting Vince almost immediately. Actually, my Dad owned a photography business pretty much during my entire childhood. So I have life long experience in assisting in weddings and photo shoots. Many of my childhood memories consist of photography. Everywhere I went, Dad was always taking photos. I can even remember the smell of working with my Dad in the darkroom and the excitement of seeing models getting dressed up in beautiful costumes and makeup.

Vince: Since then, we’ve had so many awesome clients and weddings! We’ve shot over 200 weddings in various places like California, Arizona, North Carolina, and Florida. However, during this last year we have been focusing on Florida weddings. We absolutely love Florida. It’s so beautiful and unique and we want to grow our family here!

Tarah: Over 10 years now, we have been shooting weddings together. And while wedding photography is what we do, we understand there’s more behind it than just taking photos. We continue to attend conventions, workshops and pursue professional development constantly. We will be heading to the School of Greatness conference later this year, if you guys listen to podcasts check out “The School of Greatness” podcast.

Vince: So there is a little more about us. There’s a lot of hard work, sweat, tears (all Tarah’s tear’s of course ;)) and passion that goes into what we do. So take a look around our website, get to know us a bit, look at our information section for wedding day tips, we have tons of info to help you plan your day! Let us know if you have any questions.


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