So here we go! Anthony and Francesca’s wedding took place a couple weeks ago also! The Yuma Art Center hosted the reception as the Yuma Historical Theater catered the wedding hall and well… It was beau.tif.ful! I gotta give some dats to Francesca and all the neat ideas she had for her wedding. It all came together very well and had a great theme to it. Anthony, who is a soldier stationed in Germany, traveled a long way for this special day. Luckily, one of Anthony’s groomsmen flew home with him to keep him company! The day started off slow and boring, no…. just joking! The guys were kinda rowdy, but that makes great pictures, so we went with it! Took them around Yuma and then it was off to the bride’s house. We shot her getting into her dress and then headed back to our studio to shoot pictures of the bridesmaids around there. The first look came around and it started off well, but she heard him sneak up to her! She was a little surprised still. :). Went back to the Yuma Art Museum, they got married , family pictures, and bam we were at the reception. The day went by so fast! The reception was so much fun! The bride and groom started their first dance and then busted out into like some kind of dance revolution stuff! It was very cool! The cake was amazingly beautiful and very creative, the cake was baked and created by Yuma Couture Cakes, Jamie Hoffman The day after we were excited to do a Bride and Groom photo session with them! We love those because it gives the bride and groom about 2-3 hours of pictures just by themselves with no distractions (except police officers yelling at us through a megaphone, like in this case). It allows just some intimate time with each other, while getting creative! So check them out. 🙂

Reception Hall: The Yuma Art Center
Wedding Ceremony Location: Yuma Historical Theater