We have been getting some huge wedding parties lately this one isn’t an exception either… We had such a fun time with Ryan, Daniela and their combined 18 Bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The day started off with shooting some pictures of of the groomsmen at the Hampton Inn. We walked into the hotel room and we immediately were among giants. Pretty much every Groomsmen was taller than than anyone on the Fallbrook team. We had some fun did their group shots pretty quick and then headed back to the Hampton Inn where Daniela and her 9 Bridesmaids were getting dolled up.

What was immediately apparent when we walked into Daniela’s hotel room was that she can pick some beautiful bridesmaids. Together they were just an amazing, beautiful bunch, somewhat contrary to the groomsmen, haha just joking. Anyways, we captured all the important events and details then headed around the Hotel to shoot some fun pictures of the bridesmaids. Finished that up and then headed to, From the Farm on US95.

Okay, it’s not really a secret but From the Farm is such a gorgeous location for a wedding and reception! Just everything works and flows together there, it especially fit the Brides beautiful light wedding dress and the Grooms blue jeans and dress coat.

What really stood out in this wedding is the joy and support by family and friends these two had. Congratulations Daniela and Ryan! Check out a few of our favorites.
Wedding Photographer: Fallbrook PhotographyVincent Czyzewski and Assistant Photographer Jessica Duran Wedding

Reception: From the Farm
Wedding Ceremony Venue: From the Farm
Wedding Florist: All Seasons Florists

Videographer: Clear Vision PHX