We don’t know where to start with this wedding!  We have to say, this is one of the most creative weddings we have shot. It really seemed as if Amy and David were strategically planning this wedding with the help of Pinterest for about 4 years, OR they are just super creative! Therefore, they should just buy a camera and take our jobs. Haha!

As we mentioned this wedding was unbelievable creative. With details such as the sign worn by the ring bearer that read “Hurry Up, I want cake” and David’s creative use of strapping a GoPro to the Pastor’s body to capture the ceremony (By the way, we want to see that footage David:) ). And we can’t forget the lego man trying to get out of Yuma Couture’s amazing wedding cake!

Not only was the day very creative with special touches like that, but we have never ever seen the Hilton Garden Inn, Pivot Point look like a courtyard inside the venue. There were flowers everywhere and a huge tree that hung over the couple as they tied their hands together in marriage. The decorators did an amazing job transforming the Hilton into something that resembled a garden courtyard.

There were also many other things that stood out that night besides the creativity. Since Amy teaches at Dawn’s Dance studio here in Yuma, there were TONS of teens dancing in perfect rhythm with each other on some of the most popular songs of our times. We had people doing back flips and front flips, “Nay Naying” perfectly, and even some ballerina type stuff going on through the night. It was quite a sight to see. DJ Aldo provided the music for them.

David and Amy were such a pleasure to be around too. It is so good to know that they trusted us with capturing their special night. Here are just a few from their wedding!

Blog Writer: Vincent Czyzewski

Assistant Photographer: Jessica Duran

Photo Booth: White Tie Photo Booths

DJ: DJ “Goist” Aldo

Cake Artist: Yuma Couture Cakes

Make Up Artist: Chic By Marci

Event Designer and Coordinators: Rene Lopez 602-653-8844

Florist: The Rainforest

Hair Stylist: Sheer Innovations

Reception and Ceremony Location: Hilton Garden Inn