Kellie and Garrison, who currently go to school and reside in Utah, decided to have their wedding here in Arizona because a big majority of Kellie’s family is here. We were honored they choose us to photograph their wedding! It was great to meet these two and spend the day with them while documenting their every move. Okay, maybe not every move, but from 11-11 their every move.:) Their wedding was out in Tacna, Arizona; basically, about an hour east of Yuma, in the middle of no where, it seemed. The scenery was gorgeous! The farms of dormant Bermuda grass laid a beautiful foundation for pictures and a windmill just added to the farming lifestyle. A couple of Razors (2 seater all terrain vehicles for those that are not familiar :)) were sitting in the garage tempting me to figure out some way to use them in the groomsmen shots! However, common sense kicked me in the face and I realized that if I wanted to stay alive today, that I shouldnt bring the guys back to the bride all dusty and dirty in their tuxes. So we settled for a more modest shoot using nearby locations to the ranch and some train tracks down the road. Then we went back to the ranch to get the make-up and hair session. Soon after that, it was the bride and bridesmaids shoot! They were sooo easy to work with! We took some pics in front of the ranch, near some wood fences, and just had fun! The wedding was fairly short but the couple decided to talk about how they met during it which was pretty interesting! They met because Garrison “liked” her truck, now I don’t know how much of an excuse that was to get the courage to talk to her, but I am thinking it factored in. 🙂 Anyways, the couple got hitched! We did some very romantic pictures as the sun settled behind the windmill and the mountains in the background. The night went on, fire pits added warmth, and hot chocolate provided a sweet companion. The couple hung out with family and friends, cut the cake, and spent the night dancing. We had fun hanging out with them!

Location: Tacna, Arizona
Photographers: Fallbrook Photography