Honeymoon Island Elopement


May 1st, 2017


Location: Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Florida (near Tampa, Florida

Set on the pristine, white sands of Honeymoon Island near Tampa, Florida, Natalie and Tristan’s wedding elopement was an intimate occasion. It was just the two of them, their officiant and ourselves, and it was a pleasure to be present to capture this special moment and the undeniable love between the two of them. Tristan works as a tour manager for country group and is such an easy-going guy to be around. While Natalie is an interior designer and had done some modeling in the past, meaning that she was really comfortable in front of the camera. Their relaxed nature and experience made our job a lot easier as the wedding photographers for this beachfront elopement.

Pre-ceremony portraits:

They had planned their ceremony to coincide with sunset over the idyllic waters of the Gulf of Mexico, but we decided to capture a few casual portraits beforehand. Natalie had left her bouquet at the hotel, so while Tristan raced back to get it, we started by getting a few portraits of her relaxing on the beach. Natalie is actually eightish pregnant and excited to soon be welcoming a baby girl into her family. So it was the perfect opportunity to do a bit of a maternity shoot, showing off her baby bump. When Tristan returned, we captured some portraits of them together, followed by a few of the groom-to-be in these final unmarried moments.

Ceremony photos:

Then it was time for the official proceedings to get underway, with Natalie and Tristan’s beach elopement held in front of a gorgeous white bridal arch. We really appreciated that the officiant always stepped out of the way when he wasn’t required, allowing us to capture clean shots as Natalie and Tristan read their vows to one another and exchanged rings. We photographed both close-up shots of their emotional reactions, as well as wide-angle shots looking across this picture-perfect setting. Then just as the sun was about to sneak behind the clouds behind them, they went in for their first kiss, with the officiant jokingly encouraging all present (just us!) to congratulate the newly weds.

Post-ceremony Portraits:

Natalie and Tristan both exuded so much love in this special moment and I think their chemistry really shone through in the Honeymoon Beach wedding photo session which followed. Although it was a little cloudy and windy, the newly married couple brought a lot of warmth to the images with their embraces and I loved the whimsical beach attire they had chosen. The sky started to transform with soft pastel tones as they wandered along the sands hand-in-hand, then richened into bright oranges and pinks for what was a pretty magical sunset. We got creative with some silhouette shots against this spectacular backdrop, as well as a couple of black and whites to showcase their new wedding bands.


We want to thank Natalie and Tristan for choosing Fallbrook Photography for this intimate beach elopement on Florida’s Honeymoon Island and for being such a great couple to work with. We also wish them all the best as their lives transform with the arrival of their new baby girl!