Hey guys! This is a wedding that happened last year, however, I noticed it never hit the blog! So here it is what a beautiful wedding it was!

We had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful couple at a beautiful location! Gretchen and Logan’s wedding took place at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona. The scenery was not only breathtaking, but pretty much a photographer’s candy land! Not only was the exterior of the site beautiful but so was the interior! The set up of the venue in every single location was gorgeous. The weather that day was perfect and set the stage for some fun shots of the guy’s and girl’s group shoots. Followed by a small yet intimate ceremony, the bridal party came together for some very fun group shots! The romantics were so much fun and always our favorite part of the day! Gretchen and Logan (we need to emphasize just how BEAUTIFUL Gretchen looked!) looked absolutely stunning against the mountains during sunset. After the romantics, the bridal party took a short drive in their limo to the reception site. Gretchen and Logan’s reception was a picture of elegance! One of our favorite accents were the fireplaces and Christmas trees and lights that graced the outside of the venue. It was true holiday romance. It was especially nice seeing all of our friends there! We want to thank Gretchen and Logan, along with their family, for giving us the honor to capture their special day! You two truly had a refreshing and beautiful wedding!!

Wedding Photographers: Fallbrook Photography