This past New Year’s Eve was very special! Kenra and Logan proclaimed their love for each other by walking down the isle and exchanging vows to begin a new year and journey as husband and wife! The day started off pretty mellow with hitting downtown with some photos of the guys. It was then off to the popular Doll Bella salon to capture the bride getting prepped with her girls! What a gorgeous bridal party! Kenra looked absolutely stunning as always…! What’s wonderful about Kenra too, is that she’s not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside too…I know….very cheesy – but its true and has been used by numerous people to describe her! What was truly wonderful and refreshing about this wedding was not only the couple’s energetic love for each other, but their passion for God. It was displayed in every part of their wedding! After some fun shots of the girls, we headed over to our studio to get set up for the “First Look”! Super fun! We LOVE capturing the expressions of the bride and groom as they see each other for the first time!! Doing the bridal party pictures of the guys and girls together was a hoot. They had us laughing the whole time. Kenra and Logan are so playful with each other.  After the couple parted, we all loaded up, and headed over to the venue, the Yuma Catholic High School, for the awaited ceremony and reception.   The ceremony was so moving, and at many points, the female member on our team, had to hold back a few tears! The personal vows, which the bride and groom wrote for each other, were so touching, including the special letters the bride and groom wrote and hand delivered to their mothers at the altar! We have never seen this before, and it was an awesome way to honor and recognize the mothers of the bride and groom. It was also nice to hear the pastor speak about the couple and recall the road they traveled up to the point of I” do”. We even had the honor of filming a special video of the two recalling how they met. It was played at the reception and if you didn’t see it, please check it out on our Fallbrook Photography Facebook!   Back to the reception part of the day…don’t let the name of the venue fool you…the set-up was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Everything was set-up outside at what appeared to be a courtyard. It was so beautiful! There was an extreme attention to every-single-little-detail! We can thank wedding coordinator Chelsea Cooley for this! Fabulous job girl! We’re sure your efforts in setting the atmosphere made everyone’s New Year’s Eve romantic! Well, at least those who attended! Not only was the decor romantic, but many details signified the festive holiday with touches of glitz and sparkle. One of our favorite parts of the reception was the hot cocoa bar! We’re sure everyone enjoyed this! Thank you Kenra and Logan for choosing us to capture and share this special day with you! We all hope the rest of you had a wonderful New Years! Cheers and Happy New Year!


Hair: Doll Bella salon
Reception: Yuma Catholic High School
Ceremony: Yuma Catholic High School
Wedding Coordinator: Chelsea Cooley
Photographer: Fallbrook Photography