Longboat Key Engagement Photos

Mar 8th, 2017

Jen and Tom

LOCATIONS: Longboat Key Beach

Pittsburgh-based couple Jennifer and Tom are planning their wedding later this year at the popular Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast in Longboat Key. They were in town for a bit of wedding planning and to visit their family, giving us the perfect opportunity to do a destination engagement session with them.

Jennifer also wanted to coincide this with a trial run of her hair and makeup by Destiny and Light but it turned out to be quite a cold and windy day. So while we were planning a beachside e-session, we actually shot a lot of the photos in a park across the road where the wind wasn’t quite as strong (and wouldn’t destroy Jennifer’s hair) before heading down to the beach at sunset.

Jennifer and Tom had told us that they had hardly any photos as a couple, despite being together for three years. So we were honored that they selected Fallbrook Photography to document their love for one another and help them to relax a bit in front of the camera before their wedding day.

Jennifer embraces Tom warmly during their park e-session in Longboat Key.

Longboat Key engagement session:

We began the afternoon with a few portraits of the couple embracing beneath the sprawling trees, with both close-up shots and intimate black and whites. There was a patch of long grasses that we used to capture some whimsical photos, as well as a creative black and white as they embraced framed by the surrounding trees. We also mixed things up with a few portraits against a rustic wooden fence, capturing romantic black and whites and creative angles looking down its length.

As the golden hour light started transforming the sky into deep purples and pinks, we headed down onto the sands for a sunset beach e-session. We photographed the couple walking hand-in-hand along the white sands and Jennifer leading Tom through the shallow waters, finishing the day with a creative silhouette as they embraced in the post-sunset moments.


We really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Jennifer and Tom and get to know them a little better over the course of this Longboat Key engagement session. We’re looking forward to reconnecting for their wedding at the Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast and wish them the best of luck as they make their final preparations.