Ariday and Abel

April 22th, 2017


Ariday and Abel had put a lot of careful thought and planning into their traditional wedding day, particularly when it came to wedding photography and the shots they wanted. Despite getting married in quite a large Catholic church, they really wanted an intimate atmosphere and to make the guests who were attending feel involved in their future as husband and wife.

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Getting ready photos:

We were excited that they selected Fallbrook as their wedding photographers, drawn to the passion we illustrate behind the camera to really capture the love between our couples. So we met up with them in the late morning at the hotel where they were getting ready to photograph their final preparations.

We captured creative black and whites and silhouettes as Abel secured his cufflinks, then a more casual photo with his groomsmen as they walked across the hotel lawns with their sunglasses on. We also photographed Ariday and her bridesmaids as they shared in this special moment, with a playful pillow fight on the bed. In between capturing details shots of her gorgeous shoes and wedding dress, we also photographed some tender moments with her mom as she secured Ariday’s veil and a black and white as the bridesmaids helped her slip into her dress.

With some time left before the Catholic wedding ceremony was due to start, we also captured some portraits of the bride looking absolutely stunning. We grabbed some reflective shots as she peeked out the hotel suite window, as well as some close-up, softly focused portraits with her beautiful bouquet.

Ceremony photos:

It was then time for the Catholic wedding ceremony to get underway, with some cute ring bearers leading the entourage with a sign that read “Too late to run!” We photographed Ariday and Abel’s abbreviated Mass from a number of angles, including an elevated shot by my assistant Jessica Duran and a black and white looking straight down the aisle, as well as a close-up as the priest raised the goblet for communion.


Ariday had some great ideas about the portraits that she wanted post-ceremony. These included a playful one of Abel carrying her on his shoulder during the recessional walk, as well as a kiss at the altar with their wedding guests in the background. We also grabbed a creative, reflective portrait of the newly married couple within the ornate interior of the church, followed by a few outside along its rustic exterior.

We then headed to a shaded area for the bridal party portraits, getting creative with Ariday’s bridesmaids in their multi-hued purple dresses. We also took some romantic couple portraits here, with Ariday and Abel embracing against a spectacular arching tree trunk.

Reception photos:

Ariday and Abel had created a gorgeous purple themed reception setting at a private club and we began with a portrait of them kissing within its spectacular interior before the wedding guests arrived. It was then time for everyone to let loose, with a playful cake cutting ceremony followed by some fun speeches and toasts from the maid-of-honor and best man.

We captured an emotional father-daughter dance between Ariday and her dad on the beautifully-lit dance floor, as well as Abel as he went searching beneath his bride’s layered gown for the garter.


Ariday and Abel’s traditional wedding was a really warm and memorable event, with a lot of love to capture between the couple and their family and friends. We really appreciate the thought they put into the photos they wanted to document this special day and hope that these images will be a reminder for many years to come.