Outline of events:
Here is a 3 minute’ish video from us. It has some insight in there that may be helpful. You can also read below if you prefer that instead. 🙂

Please keep in mind that this is a rough outline of what you can expect, workload and other factors, include email wait times back and forth may play a role in determining schedules



Engagement Shoot date set – 3 days after booking

Engagement Pictures up – 2 weeks after engagement shoot

Set Schedule – 1.5 months from event (questionnaires 1,2,3 be to filled out before setting schedule)

Need engagement picture number for your canvas if you received one – 1 month from event

Balance Due – 2 Weeks from event



1 Pic Preview – 1-3 days after event

Blog Post on Facebook / and www.fallbrookstudios.com – 2 weeks after event

Do premiere of wedding photographs at studio or online (via website) – 2-3 Weeks after event

Pictures on your personalized website (for family and friends) – 3-4 weeks after event

All products are in and pickup schedules – 2-3 months after event. This depends mostly on response times to emails. The albums from design approval to being received back at Fallbrook is about a month.