A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with a fabulous couple, Savannah and Nathan. We say fabulous because they were so refreshing to be around, very down to earth, and had very relaxed personalities (both of them). In general, a super nice couple!  The ceremony location was new to us. Yes, in the 9 years we have been shooting Yuma weddings, we have never shot at the Stone Ridge Church on 24th st!  The outside location on top of the mountain overlooking the farmers fields was fantastic! It was lush green, in the shade (much needed to hide from the Yuman sun!), and well put together.

The reception location was a different story, we have photographed there many times! It was the Hilton Pivot Point Conference Center. We would say at least 15-20 times. Actually, we are photographing another wedding reception there this weekend too! We are pretty excited about being there again. The Hilton Garden Inn does a wonderful job with all the events they have, and they take good care of us when we are there too!

One thing that really stood out at the reception, was when the DJ had six couples head to the dance floor with the bride and groom in the center of it. He then had the bride and groom give each other the most romantic, intimate kiss they have ever given to each other and then had the others, one at a time, mock the kiss. We have never seen this before! Very clever and pretty hilarious, as you might imagine. We ended the day hanging out with just the bride and groom to do their romantics. The whole day was a very special day to capture.

Congratulations Savannah and Nathan!

Ceremony Location: Stone Ridge Church, Yuma, Arizona

Reception Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Pivot Point Conference Center

Photographers: Fallbrook Photography