Biggest Tip for Saving on Your Wedding Day

How to dramatically save and get what you want for your wedding.

Written By: Tarah Czyzewski, Fallbrook Photography

Unless you have a limitless budget for your wedding, saving money on your wedding day is super important. The biggest tip to save money on your matrimony day is doing it on a “off day” Friday’s or Sunday’s in particular may save you money. During the week is even better!

While Saturdays are “THE” day to have a wedding, many people don’t take the time to think about the benefits that a Friday or Sunday wedding can bring. For one, having your big day on a Friday or Sunday doesn’t break up your wedding weekend, and allows more time for both you and your guests.

The bridesmaid who caught the bouquet that was just thrown by the bride

Arlene and Carlos’ wedding reception event the bouquet toss.

Most Friday weddings are held in the evening rather than during the day, which helps to give your wedding day a better flow. Many times weddings can have a three to four hour break in between the ceremony and reception. While this is a great opportunity to do photos with your photographer, typically 1 – 2 hours in between is sufficient. Having the ceremony and reception closer together can also help ensure that family and friends are able to make it to both events! Also, having a wedding on a Friday frees up that Saturday and Sunday for you and your guests to spend time together!

The best man speech and the laughter that came with it.

For Friday or Sunday weddings, many venues, DJ’s, caterers, and photographers/videographers may be more willing to negotiate a price that fits your budget since these are not as popular days for weddings. Saving money on these big and very important services allows you to save money without sacrificing the quality of your wedding! Also, having a Friday or Sunday wedding generally ensures that your vendor or venue will be available on your wedding day, as these days don’t book as quickly as Saturdays. Lastly, rehearsal dinners at restaurants are usually easier to book on these days. Management and staff are typically very grateful to book big parties on slower business days. Slower days usually ensure a less hectic atmosphere and more attentive staff.

The wedding reception of Alba and Marco at the Quartermaster Depot in Yuma, Arizona.

The beautiful wedding reception of Alba and Marco near a barn.

Friday and Sunday weddings are definitely a great option for those looking to save money but not lose the value of the services for your special day. Friday and Sunday weddings also avoid breaking up the weekend, which ultimately provides for more quality time spent with friends and family, especially those that have traveled to your wedding. 🙂

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