We have one of the best jobs in the world being wedding photographers. We get to hang out with couples that are about share themselves with one another for the rest of their life. Its a joyous moment, the wedding day. Two weeks ago we spent that moment with Shawn and Kristy. We were not able to do an engagement session with them so we had coffee together on the Thursday prior to their wedding. The reason we do that is because we believe its important to know each other before we whip out our cameras on the wedding day.

The wedding day came and we started photographing the guys at the Hilton Garden inn. We flew through that then headed to where the ladies were getting ready at. The Bride looked stunning all dolled up and was ready to go as we took a few portraits of her at her parents house. The bride and groom were very relaxed and comfortable with each other so they were very easy to work with. After getting hitched in the Lady of Guadulope church, we headed to downtown Yuma for some romantics! We hit up a few places then headed to the reception which was at the beautiful Julianna’s patio cafe. The weather was perfect! It wasn’t too cold or too hot, the wind was non existent and we were ready to party! What a crazy bunch of people! I’m just joking.. šŸ˜‰ But they knew how to party. Congratulations Shawn and Kristy!

Reception Location: Julieannas Patio Cafe
Yuma Wedding Photographer: Fallbrook Photography
Wedding Ceremony Location:Ā Our Lady of GuadalupeĀ 
Florist:Ā Brenda Regalado