Should We Book an Engagement Shoot?

Written By: Tarah Czyzewski

Sarasota and Tampa Wedding Photographer


Should you book an engagement session with your wedding photographer?

Short answer; of course.. We tell you why…


Engagement shoot in a Flooded Field

Justin and Blake’s Engagement shoot. The engagement shoot had a country theme to it.

Your spending thousands of dollars on a photographer for your wedding day and you are trying to figure out if you want to spend money on an engagement or pre-wedding shoot too. Let us tell you, we understand, we were also once there too! Buying everything for your wedding within budget is a necessity and with unexpected expenses lurking around the corner (there will be a few, no doubt about it) there isn’t much more left to spend more on the photographer, we get you. But let us talk about that question in depth… do we really need to spend more money on the photographer to do an engagement shoot?

Engagement pictures of two lawyers photographed by Fallbrook Photography

Engagement pictures of Jamie and Jason.

It is super important to us that we personally connect with our clients because after all we are photographing and documenting one of the most important days of their/your life! On your side, making a personal connection with your photographer is one of the most important things you can do for your wedding, in our opinion. Because of these connections not only do you feel more comfortable in front of the camera it honestly makes our job, as wedding photographers, a lot easier.

Couples usually do not practice “how to take pictures” and this, most of the time is a good thing, because a experienced photographer can teach you how to stand, how to interact with each other, how to position your arms and so on. Now let us tell you, this takes tons of time for the photographer to master and this is only learned over time shooting many many engagement sessions and weddings. You do not want to start learning how to move, interact, and position yourself on the wedding day and you don’t want an inexperienced photographer trying to figure it out for you, this will take much of those precious minutes away from you on the wedding day.

Natalia and Alfredo do their engagement shoot in them middle of farm fields and groves.

Fallbrook Photography shoot pictures of Natalia and Alfredo on their engagement shoot in the middle of farm fields and groves.

Working with a professional photographer for the first time can be a bit daunting, we can’t count how many times we have been told “this is our first time taking pictures together, we don’t know what to do” and our response is “Awesome! That’s why we are doing the engagement session, to teach you and guide you” and by the end of the night we are producing very beautiful, natural photographs in which our clients fall in love with.

Engagement shoot in the middle of some plants, shot by Sarasota engagement photographers Fallbrook Photography

Ryan and Danielle takes pictures in some brush.

Now sometimes our clients book us from out of town and wont be in town until sometimes 2 days before their wedding. In this case we still try to have lunch or dinner with them because again we believe having a personal connection between each other is necessary to provide the best service to them. It’s funny because we have friends to this day that we still hang out with and go to dinner with years after we met them at their wedding consultation with us. Its a win win all around.

In short, consider spending that money to do an engagement session with your photographer. Get to know your photographer, it is super important!