Siesta Key Family Pictures

May 31, 2017

Salvatore Family


Siesta Key Beach, Florida


Although we’re primarily wedding photographers in Siesta Key and don’t formally advertise family shoots, sometimes we do them for former brides we’ve worked with and their families. Bethany and Corrado are a couple we’ve worked with before and this was the second year we’d done a family shoot with them in Siesta Key, Florida.

They visit Sarasota each summer with their kids and it’s becoming a tradition to capture them growing up during this special vacation time (Bethany told us that she books the flights, then books us!). They’re all really into playing soccer and are just such a warm and friendly family unit to work with.

Big Olaf Creamery Family Portrait Session:

Bethany didn’t just want posed family portraits, but also more candid, lifestyle shots in this Siesta Key portrait session. So we began the afternoon by meeting up at the Big Olaf Creamery in Siesta Key Town to photograph the family buying (and eating) ice creams together.

We captured some cute shots of her kids, Caterina and Corrado, sharing an ice cream together, as well as the moment Caterina accidentally dropped hers on the sidewalk. Although she wasn’t too upset about this and saw the funny side of things, we did manage to get a more serious shot of her sitting beside her fallen ice cream.

Siesta Key Family Portrait Session:

We then headed over to a grassy field for some whimsical family portraits in the golden light. We captured all sorts of combinations here, with romantic couple portraits of just Bethany and Corrado, as well as some cute ones of the kids and the entire family together. We also grabbed a few joyful shots of Bethany and her daughter Caterina bonding which I’m sure they’ll treasure for years to come.

We walked down onto the white sands of Siesta Key for some more family portraits, with the soft pastel tones of their attire working in perfectly with the setting. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy, so we didn’t get the sunset we had hoped, but Bethany had brought some kites with her and the shots of Caterina and Corrado playing with them on the beach added a great splash of color.

We finished this Siesta Key family portrait session with some shots of them walking along the beach and playing in the shallow waters together. The black and white of Bethany walking hand-in-hand with her kids is a particular favorite, as well as a cute moment when Caterina handed shells she’d collected to her mom.


I want to thank Bethany and Corrado for selecting Fallbrook Photography to capture this Siesta Key family portrait session and we’re looking forward to reconnecting again next summer!