El Centro or Imperial Valley was the location for Sloan and Rudys wedding a couple weeks ago. It was at, figuratively speaking, Yuma’s “From the Farm” but an El Centro Version. Cheval Farms is the exact name of the venue where the getting ready pictures, the wedding ceremony and wedding reception took place.  Cheryl, the owner of the farm, literally does everything from the food, the cake, the decorating, the refreshments, the only thing doesn’t do, it seems, is photography. She has an excellent and beautiful venue which we are honored to shoot at every once in a while.

Sloan and Rudy’s wedding was a Sunday wedding, but that didn’t stop the partying! Once they tied the knot we hurried to take some family photos, bridemaids photos and romantics before the sun went down.  The sun went down, the delicious food came out from Cheryl’s kitchen which was immediately followed with the partying ensuing. I even considered jumping into the middle of the dance floor to show off my best Michael Jackson performance but the fear off humiliation quickly set in, like it usually does. I used the “I’m working” excuse about 34 times that night to combat the comment “Lets Dance”.  It was a great way to end a double header wedding weekend for us. We were out of there around 9pm headed home to Yuma thankful for the opportunity to shoot another one of those most important days of someones life.

Thank you to Sloan and Rudy who gave us an opportunity to spend the day with them.

Below are just a couple of our favorites: