Stan and Anel’s wedding was quite unique to us for a couple of reasons. We have never photographed where they had the wedding, Immaculate Heart of Mary, in Somerton, Arizona. Also, we have never been to the residence where the reception was held, although we shot a wedding right next door which you can see here County Wedding, the ceremony was completely in Spanish which uno, douce, threce and foto is our extent of that language. (Did I spell those right?) to add to the unquieness there was 12 Bridesmaids and 11 Groomsmen (about 95% certain of this haha) which ties the most we have had at any wedding! Unique is good though! It pushes us in different directions, which makes us grow so that we can provide an even better service.

We started the day at noon, at Anel’s sisters house. We got to meet Anel’s family and get some “getting ready” pictures along with the details of the wedding. We then quickly hurried to Immaculate Heart of Mary church to document the wedding. There was a whole bunch of people at the ceremony, including a few previous wedding clients, a quick shout-out to Pat and Aly. The quaint ceremony was about an hour long, we did the family pictures and then had some real fun! Well, not so much fun for the bridesmaids. We believe, secretly, they had this intense ploy to steal our cameras and never give them back.  The reason for that is because we took them to a semi-damp lemon grove, while they where wearing heels and dressed in long gold dresses. Obviously, all that together doesn’t equal happy bridesmaids. After surviving the very possible bridemaids beating which would consist of heels and tightly wound “baby’s breath” bouquets as weapons, we did the romantics with Stan and Anel. I tell you what these guys can take some pictures. Very photogenic, and an “up for anything” attitude does equate to beautiful pictures if you did not know.

Once the sun completely went down we headed to Stan’s Mothers house to party the rest of the night. We got there and immediately saw the sweets table! We still don’t know who exactly did all those sweets, but my GOD were those Oreo truffles amazing! Like scrumptous!! mmmMMMmm..

The reception was laid out great, and the band did a great job serenading the group. Sunset Band provided the entertainment all night.

Check out some of our favs below!

Wedding Photographer: Fallbrook Photography

Assistant Photographer: Jessica Duran

DJ / Band: Sunset Band

Cake Artist: Martha Rosas

Reception Venue: Private Residence

Ceremony Location: Immaculate Heart of Mary