Weddings are our main business, but what comes with that many of times, is life long clients and friends.
We are so grateful for this family, we shot Nereida and Torbin’s wedding, gosh it has to be about 7 or 8 years ago and we still see them a couple times a year to do their pictures. Side note; we were going to link their wedding blog post here for some reminiscing but our relationship length exceeds the date of this website, haha, thats how long we have know each other. Here is a few of their other family pictures and maternity pictures though.
Anyways, their family has grown through the years with the addition of 2 beautiful kids which are super energetic and sweet! They sure had fun in the urban downtown area’s in Yuma which we took them to on this shoot.
What’s funny is that Nereida is a photography teacher, knowing this we try our best to be fundamentally sound as much as possible. That’s hard when you have no formal education on photography at all. Haha, luckily she loves our style and the images we give her so we are doing something right! 🙂 We love these guys and all our clients who allow us to do what we love to do.
Here are some of our favorites!