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With the year coming to a close, according to Tarah it’s a week before Christmas with all of her decorations all ready out. haha, but the end of October for us is the closing of the year.

This year we have been blessed with the clients we worked with, but really it’s more than that, our clients are people that we having a personal relationship with. Our clients choose us, of course, but that is only half of the equation, we also choose them. The choice of shooting a wedding is a very conscious choice, we don’t do it for the money soley, its a passion of ours to provide value to our clients and the best way to do that is having a personal relationship with them.

With saying all of that Tony and Cassie’s wedding was 2 weeks ago here in Yuma, at the Quartermaster Depot. But before we get into that I’d like to tell you how we met. We met this couple online via Skype to be exact, we do this quite often actually because some couples live in other parts of the world, yet their wedding will be in Yuma. We had a great conversation with them. We got to know them a bit and went through our albums with them digitally. Now that is hard to do, digitally try to give your Mom or sibling a feeling sense of how your leather feels in your new BMW. Same with this, some how telepathically show them the quality and feel/smell of our beautiful Italian Hand Crafted books (shameless plug, haha).  Anyways, they booked us shortly after and wanted us to shoot the engagement session near ASU at the bar they met. We had such a fun time getting to know them and walking the streets with them while a big art show was going on.

That was like a year ago (I believe) but last weekend we got to experience them around people that they have known for a long time if not there whole life’s. And really they were not any different. Cassie was very “go with the flow” type of girl, I know this is a bad transition but speaking of flow we absolutely loved her dress! The dress was form fitting through the hips and then flowed into a very beautiful train. It wasn’t over the top either, it was very classy yet modern fit. In fact, that was the only dress she tried on! She told Vince “I knew that was the dress I wanted when I tried it on” and “I didn’t try on any others”. Love it when a plans works perfectly!

As stated before the wedding and reception was at the Quartermaster Depot. This location and From the Farm on US95 are 2 of the most beautiful outdoor locations for weddings in Yuma. In this particular case the Quartermaster Depot is located near, basically everything, we didn’t have to go far to hit up some good spots for portraits or bridal party pictures. In fact, most of the pictures were done near the Hilton Garden Inn, or at the Quartermaster Depot.

The Wedding was quick and lead by the officiant Hokey Begay, the cousin of the groom. There were quite a few humorous love lines thrown in from different movies which was a hilarious hit for the audience.

What was cool about the reception besides the, cupcakes and ginger something or another, (Vince loves wedding cakes/cupcakes) was that they had different movie/book titles as center pieces on each table! It was really cool to read those because they brought back many memories of our own childhoods. Stuff like Beauty and the Beast and MacGyver littered the tables. Cassie and Tony played it nicely to their hobbies and interests.

The reception was, what seemed like a non-stop party on the dance floor. It didn’t matter what music was being played by DJ Sosa, people were having the best time on that floor! With all things though the reception eventually stopped at the Depot, but probably headed somewhere else haha.

What stood out that night though was the people that surrounded the Bride and Groom. It was definitely a close tight nit group of people celebrating a big day within 2 peoples lifes.

 Photographer: Vincent Czyzewski

Assistant Photographer: Jessica Duran

Wedding Planner: Janet Wolfe 928-580-5804

Reception Venue: QuarterMaster Depot

Wedding Venue: QuarterMaster Depot

DJ: Dj Sosa 928-285-2090

Videographer: Something New Media 602-730-0478