Weddings are sooo exciting! The emotions that flow and the immense love, that we see, between 2 people is super exciting for us.  Tell you the truth, it’s one of the reasons we shoot weddings. Brian and Carolina’s wedding was no exception!

Brian and Carolina we see every week, we not only know that they love each other but we also know that they share a passion and that is to play guitar.  Like I said, we see them every week because they play together on the worship team for our church and they both are crazy talented. In fact, we have a picture of them together from Christmas 2012, I don’t think they were even together yet and quite possibly this picture could have started the connection between them for all I know. Haha! We’ll take the credit! 🙂

Now the wedding day! We started the day off shooting the groomsmen in a super secret location downtown… Just joking, we really just had them hang out while we took pictures and they did that very well! We caught some great emotion from them, and then they whipped out the AR-15 rifles (I counted 4 of them).  It’s always fun to whip out the weapons with Tarah and I being former Marines, so of course we had to get the “GQ” poses with them. 🙂 After that we headed over to St Paul’s Cultural Center to visit the Bride and Bridesmaids.

The Bride was pretty much done with getting ready so we jumped right into shooting some individual pictures of her and the bridesmaids. I have to say Carolina was absolutely stunning. Everything about her, the dress, the makeup, all the way down to the simple things like shoes were perfect.  We took a few group pictures of the Bridesmaid and then headed next door to the ceremony location. By the way, Tarah and I got married at 2nd Ave Cultural center also so its always pretty cool to shoot there.  What really stood out was their first kiss! It really was their first kiss! Ever!!!  We absolutely love that.

We also had a blast at the reception.  The reception was at the Hilton Garden Inn, Pivot Point Conference Center and of course they did a amazing job with the catering and service as they always do.  The Bride and Groom did their first dance, and we went through all the reception events pretty quickly. The night ended with the men taking out the weapons once again right outside the reception hall.  We had some fun creatively lighting the bridal party and then the night came to a close for the Fallbrook team.

What a super fun wedding we got to shoot!  Thanks so much Brian and Carolina for letting us be there to experience your special day!


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Now some of the wedding photographs we shot!

Reception Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Pivot Point
Wedding Ceremony: St Paul’s Cultural Center
Wedding Photographer: Fallbrook Photography
Florists: Albertsons in Yuma, Arizona
Officiant: Pastor Jacob Miller
Assistant Photographer: Jessica Duran